Wednesday, October 22, 2008

City streets

Good question: why would anyone want to stand in the middle of the street, point a camera toward the vanishing point and take not one, but four different pictures of different street views? I suppose the answer is simply because it can be done. And maybe the results might be interesting. Whatever. For the record, the top picture is Goodwin Street looking west (and catching part of Thumb Butte in the process). The image below looks east past the public library; it's difficult to tell where the road ends because of the rise. Time: mid-afternoon, giving very blue skies to the east, and nearly white sunlit skies to the west. Both pictures were taken in front of the downtown post office.

Cortez, on the other hand, is a street with a definite beginning and definite end. Looking north (into a blue sky), it arrives at the old Santa Fe depot and that's it. The view south from the depot winds up in the hills only a few blocks from the Square.

Yes, I am aware that Gurley and Montezuma deserve the same treatment, but I wasn't on the right street corner at the right time and don't know when I will be any time soon. There you have it.


Anonymous said...

Gurley and Montezuma get way too much attention. I'm glad you showcased "the lesser viewed" streets around the Courthouse Square!

~Anon in AV.

worldphotos4 said...

I'm sure the streets are always so vacant. Were you there in the early morning or afternoon?

TomboCheck said...

I have to say that Cortez is my favorite street in Prescott for walking. From end to end it is non-stop interesting.

sheoflittlebrain said...

I read a history of AZ once that mentioned how foresighted the city founders were in making the streets so wide. Nice shots, GJ.!

worldphotos4 said...

I should have said not always so vacant.

Granny J said...

anon av -- that wasn't my plan exactly; in fact, I didn't plan it this way. Like Topsy, it jest happened.

steve -- the time was mid-afternoon, which is pretty quiet on the streets.

tombo -- hm, I'll have to try it, especially the upper reaches heading toward the hills.

brain -- very fortunate, since that leaves room on the sidewalks for a few benches and even tables.

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