Tuesday, August 22, 2006

A Rose Is a Rose Is a Rose Is....

All I can say at this moment is "get yourself in gear and take a walk through the special garden over at the Sharlot Hall grounds. The roses are blooming and they're gorgeous."

I'm not really a rose afficianado (except for wild roses and those "Henderson" yellows), but there I was on Sunday and I couldn't stop taking pictures.

Originally, the garden contained only varieties that dated back to Prescott pioneer time (or earlier), but I believe that policy has changed. As you may or may not know, you can nominate outstanding local women to be honored with a rose in the garden -- get the nominating forms in the main museum building.

Herewith, an mini-album of beauties:

Ending up with these classics (above and below). I doubt if the specimen below would prove very popular these days, what with its subdued coloring, but it surely evokes Victorian ladies' hats and gowns.


Lane said...

Rose is my middle name, so what can I say. I'd love a stroll through the rose garden. I can't keep my nose out of them!

k said...


Mike Lange said...

A little background: The Territorial Women's Memorial Rose Garden is located between the Governor's Mansion and W. Gurley Street on the Sharlot Hall Museum campus. First suggested in 1938 by a Mrs. Evelyn Perkins, the Rose Garden was designed by then President of the Prescott Garden Club, Dorothy McMullen, in 1948. The first rose bushes were planted in March of 1948 by the Yavapai Cowbelles and cared for by the Prescott Garden Club. In the beginning, each rose bush represented a different woman who was in Arizona prior to February 14, 1912; however today the entire Garden honors all of the women pioneers.

Granny J said...

thanks, mike, for that background information. Much appreciated.

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