Monday, August 21, 2006

I Found the RR Car!

You didn't know I was looking? Well, yes, I was. Sort of. You see, the other day I walked past the storied railroad bridge -- and it was empty. No railroad car. No graffiti. Nothing.

And when I went around the corner to where the ill-fated railroad buffs' saloon had stood, the straight-shot look through the bridge from head-on revealed nothing/nada/zilch.

That was a week ago.

Then the Courier ran a story Sunday, with picture, to the effect that the railroad car was on its way to a storage interlude. But good news -- the article also said that a local group wants to keep the car on display in town as an relic of Prescott's ties to its railroading past.

To finish my tale: today, as I was heading for Staples to replenish my black ink, I fortunately glanced down the creekside alley/street that heads to the Sam Hill Warehouse. Voila! There was the railroad car in all its shabby glory, loaded to move somewhere. It will make quite a spectacle travelling down one of the city streets to a temporary home.

1 comment:

Lane said...

So glad the car showed up. It was a sad story about its residence, then lack of residence. I look forward to seeing where the old gal ends up!

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