Friday, August 04, 2006

Highway Bridges Revisited

Regular readers may recall my complaint about modern highway bridges -- that they obscure the water course (or any other interesting course, such as Hell Canyon above) from view. And that no one, driver or passenger, can get a glimpse of the water (if any) below. By the way, Hell Canyon does become a very vigorous river during spring melt.

I've had a chance to catch pictures of a couple of examples from the G.O.D. (Good Old Days.) Such as the sidewalk part of the Willis Street bridge across Granite Creek. No problem to see if the water is up. Still, the view is blocked off for cars crossing on the same bridge.

Now here is old-fashioned highway bridge construction at its best -- Old Highway 89 at the Verde River canyon just south of Paulden. The upper crossing is on the old Santa Fe route that went into Prescott.

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