Saturday, August 12, 2006

1st Signs of Autumn

Thanks be to Virginia creeper. It's one of the few plants in these parts that goes scarlet in the fall. Another: the ubiquitous squaw bush (excuse me, three-leaf sumac or skunk bush in these PC times).

Maples? Yes, if you venture up SR 89A through the canyon heading for Mingus Mountain and Jerome -- in season you will see bright red splashes in the midst of green on the side of Mingus. The maples grow in the little canyon declivities where there's more water, I would guess.

However, I just read a lovely little reminder of another way to realize autumn is on its way -- the light.


k said...

Hmmm. This is a new one on me. I'd no idea September was actually warmer there because of the clouds disappearing. Cool.

Granny J said...

Actually, that's the rule for the higher country, like Flagstaff. I'm not so sure about Prescott, partly because we can have hot and cool on the same day -- it's the clouds making the difference. During the rainy season, we tend to have hot mornings, then cooler afternoons as the clouds build up. Pretty much a daily thing.

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