Thursday, August 24, 2006

Rain, Rain -- Please Don't Go Away

I didn't go walking today. No way. Reason? Take one look below.

That is a torrent of water coming down the hill next to my second floor front porch. Cutting itself a little channel. Which is to say that it really, really poured.

The clouds started building up around eight in the morning; the faucet turned on before noon and after the downpour, it drizzled until late afternoon. All very welcome in the land of little water!

Thus far, no data on just how much fell. I'd guess at least an inch or more -- I won't know until my next door neighbor reads his gauge. The official record for Prescott will mean nothing as far as my trees and plants are concerned; our rains are that spotty!

As I was about to send my first pictures to the daughter up the hill in Flag, I got this message: "One inch in an hour, expected to have more. Power went off. Network went out. ITS servers went down. Phones are out. Flood Advisory up. Whoooh!" Wet everywhere. In spades.

So I took a taxi over to visit Mom. I tried to get a picture of the river heading downhill on Gurley -- got a great shot of raindrops instead. Asked the driver if he'd make a turn into the Lincoln Street crossing to take a picture.

"You got lucky. There are two cars stuck down there."

One of them got away. Maybe.

Or maybe this car sticking its toes in the water is the same one that was stuck earlier. I'll never know. What I do know is that this is one tricky grade level crossing. It has drowned at least one driver since we came to Prescott. That's why the city put up the barriers.

In the lounge at Mom's assisted living facility, there was this superb view of the mountains with a misty, Chinese-style perspective of layers.

By the time I left, the sun had come out in the west, but there was still enough water on the drive for a reflection of the stone wall.

If we're lucky, it'll happen again! (And again!)


Lane said...

Looks lovely! Wish we could have some of it in the MidSouth!

Granny J said...

A few days later,the rain has indeed gone away. The weather gurus insist that the rains will return sometime around Tuesday or thereabouts. Sure hope so -- it get dry (with beautiful skies) so damned fast.

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