Thursday, August 17, 2006

Pimp My Ride?

As we were taking assorted pictures of cars that were more than simply "interesting," my recent visitor, the niece from Memphis, insisted that I needed to get with the scene and find out more about the TV "reality" show, Pimp My Ride.

I should explain. I don't watch much TV except for Battlestar Galactica and the new Dr. Who on the Sci-Fi channel. I've watched MTV once or twice in all my life -- and I can abide neither rap nor those pick-up trucks on huge wheels that ride around town with their bass speakers blaring an extra-loud rap beat.

So I consulted The Google and was thoroughly frustrated. At the official MTV site, there were excellent pictures of cars that had been "pimped" for the show -- but I couldn't snag any of them for this post. You'll just have to go there. And other places where plenty of "pimped" cars are displayed. (Here and here.)

Basically the idea of the show is to take someone's beater and "pimp" it up -- give it the kind of treatment that rap stars and their ilk spend tens of thousands $$$$ on: super horsepower, a ransom's worth of chrome, the finest detailing, and plush interiors outfitted with gizmos, gadgets and amenities galore. College students apparently love it! Especially when one gets his/her car selected.

What did we find in Prescott along these lines? Well, above are some former beaters that would take just an awful lot of pimping to bring them back to life.

Then we came across the Cosmic Steel works over on Granite Street. I don't think these two vehicles are what Xzibit means by pimping. On the other hand, they might well fit in at Burning Man over in Nevada or one of the Rainbow Family gatherings off in a forest somewhere.

The flamingos (above) are an extra nice touch.

Now here's a fine example of an antique wrecking truck. It has a companion old-style diesel truck.

The owners of this car had something in mind -- but weren't able to bring it off.

As for this 40s vehicle -- it has been lovingly cared for and curried. I'm reminded of that classic verse by Gellet Burgess -- "I never saw a purple cow, I never hope to see one. But I can tell you, anyhow, I'd rather see than be one." If I had the talent I'd revise the verse to apply to this car (complete to the "bras" protecting the grille and front fenders.)

I didn't get a look at the car maker's symbol, so I can't give a proper ID. But it certainly has had the treatment! Of special note -- the robin's egg blue wheels and (if you can find it) a tiny flame, just above the headlight.

The final exhibit: a pimped up surround for an Airstream, complete with satellite dish. I'll bet the owners even have broadband Internet service out in the woods there. Nonetheless, the scene doesn't have the pizzazz of a professional pimping!

Hokay! Thanks to the comments below, I consulted The Google with the term, "art cars" and was rewarded with 285,000 entries.


Kate said...

My favorite intriguing car was when I was working down in the Valley...someone at the place where I worked had a car covered with bones. A search on "car covered with bones" or variations thereof didn't come up with any pics, but here's a grand site of various "art cars" in Minnesota, one of which is covered with bones. Not, alas, as good as the one I remember!

Guillermo said...

in regard to autos/truck , I noted Ford wrecker truck
vintage early thirties, 1939 Ford Delux 2- door sedan ruined by small
contemporary mag wheels (Fie on the owner) and '29-'30ish Model 'A' Ford 2-door sedan.

Granny J said...

What could be a better commentary on the national hang-up on autos than the concept of "art cars!"

Thanks, Bill, for the IDs, plus reminding me about those horrid tiny wheels ruining an otherwise splendid restoration. They all do it and the result is an out of balance look-- the original designs were based on large wheels! Somebody please explain why those dumb wee wheels are all the rage.

Anonymous said...

Well it's is a great show. I love the cars that they do up and the stars that are on the show.

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