Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Scenic Surfaces

Surely there are no more landscaped walls and similar decorated surfaces. Already, I have put together two collections of pictures from around Prescott (here and here.) Not counting the murals. But checking out the photo folder, I have found still more:

Only in one of those forest in-holdings would you discover such rustic overload: a painted rooster and the horse, plus sahuaro bones plus old rusted bedsteads. I did discover another painted horse in an alley near my house last year... but Ollie hasn't been visible of late.

Next stop, Jay's Bird Barn, which features two beautifully decorated columns (above and below.) Trees full of birds, of course.

Closer to home, it's still a bit chill to be enjoying the patio, but the daisies continue to bloom all winter.

Plain bricks don't sell as well as painted ones, even up in Sedona. A shop I spotted while at the recent film festival.

I'm not sure if this painting of a barren Thumb Butte plus our civic bird, the raven, qualifies as a painted wall or a painting. But I'm very fond of ravens, so the picture stays, regardless. At the Raven Cafe, of course.

And finally, subtle, not gaudy, this water tank. The scenery fits in nicely with the nearby oaks. Found way west at a small subdivision off the south side of Iron Springs Road. For now, I've exhausted the supply. Want to bet I won't find any more?


angie said...

Actually, the painting at The Raven Cafe is in panels and opens to reveal a movie screen. So...maybe not a mural, per se, but a very cool bit of functional art!

herhimnbryn said...

That water tank is great! What a good idea.

Granny J said...

As I said, Angie, the raven, in fact, any raven would stay even if it didn't fit my criterion!

And that tank, herhimnbryn, is the most subtle painting of any of the public murals or landscaped walls that I have seen around town. It really matches the coloring of our oak woodlands.

Avus said...

Yes! Loved the water tank.

Anonymous said...

The water tank is my favorite.

Granny J said...

Argh -- too much good taste here, Steve & Avus. Where's the real kitsch lover to vote for pic #1, the horsie & his collection?

Lucy said...

I was going to say I loved the water tank too, but just so as not to go with the crowd and to please you, GJ, I'll go for the horsey!
Beautiful is boring!

Granny J said...

Right on, Lucy!

Mama Wolf said...

Old Cartoons on Saturday morn at the Raven, on the screen behind Raven painting/mural.

I have always wanted to paint a horse like that on a door in my kitchen.....Some day

Granny J said...

Welcome, Ms. Wolf. Are those cartoons at The Raven Cafe every Saturday morning? Suitable for kids or just grown-up kids?

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