Thursday, March 08, 2007

Cardboard Cookies

The recent heavy-duty database research left me low on supplies. Since the daughter and granddaughter will be here overnight this weekend for 1) the Lipizzaner stallions and 2) a trip to the Santa Maria River to play in the water, it was important that I restock. Hence a foolish visit to the WalMart. So the cardboard cookies were 50 cents cheaper than at another store. Big deal. $100 a pop, remember? It never fails.

Some readers might ask what I mean by cardboard cookies. Simple. Cheap imitations of Oreos, suitable for hungry, undiscriminating youngsters. They're good for adults, too; they quickly satisfy a sudden yen for goodies, but they aren't good enough that you continue eating them past the point of no return. This particular batch, with peanut butter filling, is yummier than many varieties, however.

My husband and I always kept a cookie jar full of cardboard cookies to cope with visits from his two growing sons, who were appetites on legs. We discovered, as most parents do, that with young lads, one cannot afford delicacies, organic foods or even roast beef. That's the real why behind junk food. One keeps a supply of bologna and hot dogs plus the biggest & cheapest loaves of bread available for boys. Otherwise you go broke.


Anonymous said...

This brought back memories of when I was growing up. I have two brothers and both of our parents worked. We drank powdered milk for years. I have no bad memories of the times. Things were expensive and our parents did their best for us. One thing I was happy about. When I got my first part-time job, I saved dad the trouble of cutting my hair(laugh)

catalyst said...

The Girl Scouts were back selling cookies at a grocery store SWMBO and I visited last weekend. To my great despair, she refused to buy us any new Thin Mints.

Granny J said...

Mom was not inclined to buy "boughten" type cookies. If we had cookies (or pie or cake), it was made at home. I do recall that supermarket pies had crusts that really earned the epithet "cardboard" back in those days. Nor was there such a thing as a neighborhood bakery down in Jax Florida back then. (My Aunt Jo, who worked for the county auditor in Riverside Calif. was always stopping off at the bakery for specialty breads.) As for GS cookies, nobody has approached me for several years. Too bad. I'd buy.

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