Saturday, March 03, 2007

The Sedona Javelinas

Periodically, an element of synchronicity occurs in my life. Like today. Specifically, it has to do with the javelina, a Southwestern quasi-porcine critter. To begin the story, my good neighbors bought passes to the Sedona film festival. While we were away, another good friend, whose lady feeds the javelina up in Mountain Club, sent me a big batch of pictures. Of javelina. Romancing (above)...

...and enjoying the free goodies. Including young offspring.

Meanwhile, during the lunch intermission up in Sedona, I spotted a pair of the famous Red Rock painted pigs outside the festival pavillion.

In all, I met four sets of the animals, all decked out by different local artists.

This, you may recall, was a promotion some four months ago (and ongoing til this fall). Some 50 javelina sets were cast from molds and passed out to be painted and/or decorated.

The resulting sculpts were distributed for display around the business community which sponsored the event. A lot like Chicago's year of the cow.

I wasn't expecting the javelina; discovering them was an excellent, small adventure, giving me a cool post subject while I mull over the film festival experience (my first) before writing of it.


pb said...

Amazing. Never heard of Javelinas. They are wonderful and whimsical.

Thanks for the education.

Granny J said...

Welcome back, pb -- javelinas are both entertaining and bothersome -- if you go back a few posts, I've described my piggy "outhouse" problem.

Anonymous said...

I enjoy the javelinas. Yesterday I was out and took a few pictures of the wild boars that are kept in an area not far from here.

Granny J said...

You have reminded me of Florida when my family first moved there. It was "open range" country, meaning no fences. We didn't have to stop for many cows on the road -- but there were plenty of sows and their families who took their time getting to the other side.

Desert Cat said...

The little piggies loved my transplanted cacti at my San Pedro homestead. I'm trying to figure just how I'm going to balance my desire to keep the wildlife around with my desire to grow gardens on that plot.

Stout fence. Everywhere anything is planted. That's what I have so far for ideas. That and maybe planting a few outer areas just for the critters.

Granny J said...

A good stout fence is about all I can recommend. I am seriously considering an installation that cuts the critters off their favorite path down the hillside. Second recommendation is daffodils (and any other plant that is truly poisonous -- there are many that are cyanic.) Now grape hyacinths produce an interesting result -- the pigs love them but always seem to leave a few bulbs behind for the next season.

Granny J said...

Mr. Cat -- I forgot my usual recommendation, which is wildflowers. Penstemon, in particular, which is both beautiful, perennial and tastes bad (to judge from my fingers after handling the seed.)

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