Saturday, March 17, 2007

353 and Counting...

Have I really produced that many entries on this blog? Apparently so. What brought this subject up was an exploration this afternoon at SiteMeter, which tells me all about my visitors except who they are. I get info on where they come from, who/what (if any one) recommended this site, what phrase they were looking for at The Google or other search engines, etc.

Believe it or not, 35 of the most recent 100 visitors were sent here by The Google. I'm sure many of them were very disappointed. Why would the Oracle that Knows All send someone to Walking Prescott for shops that sell pink street gliders for only 15 pounds or less ? I don't even know what a street glider is, much less where one would find a pink specimen. Why picture of tree parasite that looks like a green tomato. Huh? Oh, right -- the query wasn't assembled with quote marks and + or - in the right places. So the person looking for the scary exotic parasite was sent to my piece on everyday mistletoe. But what has fascinated me over time is which posts have drawn the most inquries.

I do enjoy this picture of the neighborhood Amber cat, who was defending her usurpation of Max-cat's favorite look-out post. In fact, I built a post around this picture and a couple of others with the same expression. Called it Angry Cats.You'd be quite surprised at how many people go to The Google to locate "angry cats." What on earth do they have in mind? But then, the cat is a popular subject with people. My post about Miss Kitty's Cat House, which is a very fine local rescue home for felines, is another of the top four most popular posts.

OK, I can understand the inquries about cats, I guess. But ant hills? Yep. The Google keeps sending them along. Yes, I did write about ant hills, tiny and huge. I find them fascinating.

And people remain concerned about the putative collapse of one of the "mittens" in Monument Valley. It turned out to be a hoax but I was among the people who were taken in by the original photos.

But take a look at this list of inquiries that landed here. I hate to think of all those disappointed folks who'll never return (unless The Google sends them on another wild goose chase.) *=reasonably good hits; ??=questionable)

* watters nursery
* prescott college dalke property
* unexpected nude
* "cats heaven"
?? over the counter anti-eye wrinkle cream
* city chicken picture
* monument valley left mitten collapse
* suncor yavapai ranch
* yavapai ranch fred ruskin
* small ant hill photo
* javelina footprints
* rent trolley prescott
?? sedona arizona state jobs
?? photos prescott arizona history
?? old world import car service prescott
* desert seed pods
?? old style katchinas
?? celtic crossing prescott
* talavera cat
* cardboard cookie
* gethuman500
* granite creek gold prescott
?? prescott rhino rock painting
?? rust free muscle cars
* flowering plants for prescott area (from Omaha, yet)
* jack silvernale, prescott
* "restless legs cream"
?? spar jasmine sold in florida
?? prescott arizona police blotter
?? how to get rid of arizona cypress stump
?? what is to munch walking
?? st.patrick's day dial a ride prescott arizona
?? st.patrick's day party in prescott
?? prescott arizona events st. patrick's day

Oh, yes, there were a couple of the usual seekers after porn, as well.


Anonymous said...

I'm sure some folks use key words to attract googlers. Strange who shows up at times.

Granny J said...

They do, indeed, and I understand that there are consultants who specialize in helping people get hits from The Google. But being on the receiving end, I'm a lot more fascinated by what brings people to my humble blog. F'rinstance, since posting, I've heard from someone wanting to know about walking hiking group moscow russia 2007 sunday and another looking for javelina marsupial. That one is a real weirdie indeed.

Loretta said...

I feel so blessed, I come here by choice, and a good one it is too.
As a recent resident, I have found your blog so informative on what would be the un-obvious things, that now I feel a real part of Prescott because I know where to find this information..... you!

Desert Cat said...

Only a third from google? That's pretty good. My traffic is 95% lost souls from Google and the last 5% are people who come to my blog on purpose.

Granny J said...

Thank you so very much, Loretta. That is a wonderful endorsement. I hope I can continue to live up to it! And I also thank friends who are old-times, the local newspapers, museums, shop keepers and far too many others to single out. Over the years, they have clued me in on many of the less known aspects of our town.

Granny J said...

Sorry, Mr. Flatland Cat, I think your post showed up as I was answering Ms. Loretta. As for those numbers, it all depends upon 5% of what...I do have some mystery regulars...from Tampa, the Netherlands, Foothills Ranch and Laguna Hills in Calif., and Norcross among others. And of late, I've had a number of visitors from China, none of which show a referral source. Has me curious as to how & why they showed up on my doorstep, as you can imagine.

Lucy said...

No, no, no I WON'T get a site meter! It's one of those things I'm holding out on, but you do make me feel tempted. No, I love to know my friends - of whom I consider you a very good one - come and see me, I'm not going to worry about the rest. But then i don't have your ironic equanimity GJ!
The angry cat is wonderful!

Granny J said...

One can always hope that the regulars who are just visiting, as the Monopoly Board says, will de-cloak one day and joint the conversation. The problem with sitemeter is that it does tend to become an obsession. I'm not immune!

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