Friday, March 09, 2007

I Can't Stay Away from the Nursery!

Did I mention that the impulse items I bought over at the WalMart Wednesday included two six-packs of pansies? I thought not. Well, it's that time of year and I can't help stopping by the nursery section of any store I visit. I really should have purchased pansies last December -- they do very well over our mild winters, just as they fry when real summer arrives.

Of course, two six-packs only begin to fill all the holes in my potted gardens.

Ok, they're all in place -- and it's time to go for more!

PS: I did scatter a few of those red California poppy seeds in among the plants; maybe they'll be ready to bloom when the pansies droop from the heat.


Anonymous said...

Nice. Still a lettle early here for doing anything but raking up some of last years leaves. I have to wait until the city puts the big dumpster out to empty the plastic bags I'll fill up.

Granny J said...

My "ground" dries out so much and so fast, that I put all the delicate (i.e., water-loving) plants in my big collection of pots. Though I do scatter wildflower seeds around and about -- and quite a few of them prosper, since I do water. The leaves I leave to turn into a tiny bit more soil soil.

angie said...

Gorgeous pansies - it's almost that time of year again, isn't it?! One year I had lots of flower beds, but after the javelina invasion (they treated my gardens like an all-you-can-eat salad bar), I stick to containers, too.

Granny J said...

Welcome back, Angie -- but I have more or less bad news. I thought that I was safe, using pots only. Then it happened. Not again, mind you, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

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