Monday, March 26, 2007

Links of the Day: Variety

No pictures tonight. Instead, some of the varied links I've been collecting over the past several weeks. For instance, considering our elevation, how about high altitude baking. Admittedly, I don't bake these days so I can't vouch for the advice. I'm more likely to follow advice from this slug & snail fancier, partly because the subjects are more interesting photographically! Besides, one of the bloggers I read has a visiting slug named Barry. But perhaps you're not into Nature, red of claw etc.; in which case, you might like to know that Geoffrey Chaucer hath a blog. Closer to home, enjoy a different take on the southwest via the daily photo from Albuquerque. For that matter, locally we have blogs from the Smoki Museum, the Prescott Courier, and the YMCA. Now... if you still have time on your hands, you can play the game of identify that photo over at Google. It's a real time killer, as I've found; on the other hand, donating a little time to The Google's ID-the-image project is a small price to pay for all that free info.


stitchwort said...

Lovely waste of time! Particularly enjoyed the slugs.
BTW, the link to the owner of the slug Barry doesn't seem to work.

Granny J said...

Sorry. It worked last night, but I tried all my links to Mr. Desert Cat & he appears to be down. He's been doing some construction, so perhaps something happened to his connection.

k said...

Yes, I've been trying DC all day and something's gone all kaflooey. But, never fear. He's a great computer guy, so I'd guess he's just working on something there.

I hope so anyway.

Because I'm way seriously jonesing. Not one single time all day did I get to admire Barry the Slug! I LOVE Barry! He is a WONDER.

Hairy Barry? Barry the Great? Barry the Huge?

I keep ruminating over street names for him.

Granny J said...

It's late -- and no sign of the Desert Feline or his tame slug. Maybe tomorrow, k.

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