Thursday, March 29, 2007

My New Camera Gear Arrived!!!

The waiting is over; the new camera, a gift from Mom, finally arrived, only a month or so after I ordered it. So here's the gear: 1) box with camera, its associated hardware, and reading matter; 2) extra memory; 3) a battery charger & batteries.

Inside the box -- media, meaning instructions. See the little guy at the left? 169 jam-packed pages with how-to info and data. Plus software, including heavy-duty picture editing to compete with PhotoShop. I don't think I'll be learning this camera in time catch those by-now- adolescent ravens down at the Courthouse.

Here's the star of the show, plus other odds and ends that were also inside the box. The two big features of this Canon PowerShot S3-IS are a 12x optical zoom and image stabilization. (Though I have a sneaking hunch that my best bird shots are going be made here at home where I can get out a good tripod. I don't think I'm in shape to lug one around.)

Were you wondering why I switched background colors for my photos? Look above. The Max cat saw where the center of attention was focused and immediately jumped into the spotlight. And if you by any chance wondered why the red background, this was to honor Ms. k, who posted a scarlet ibis on her blog just for me. She's in Florida, where the ibis are white; I'm in the west, where the ibis who fly through are quite black. She knows that I groove on R.E.D.! Go take a good look at that bird.


Lucy said...

Oh enjoy!
Mine's a powershot S31S and I love it to pieces.

Kate said...

Very pretty!

Granny J said...

Lucy--good to get a second opinion. I bought on the recommendation of the Sson.

Kate--the pictures, the camera, the cat or the bird? I am presuming you mean the latter; yes, isn't it.

Anonymous said...

New canera, great. Looking forward to your pictures.

Granny J said...

Steve -- I'm looking forward, too. It'll be a couple of days before I get it set up for shooting!

Rich C said...

I'm a big fan of Canon. Hope you're enjoying the camera. I'm currently using a Canon SD550 for the quick shots, and an EOS10D for wildlife. I'll have to find new big animals here in AZ, as I'm from New Hampshire and used to following moose around!

Granny J said...

Good luck on the animals! I've caught javelina who have a foot path through my yard, a neighborhood skunk, interesting insects and a few birds. For big animals, you probably have to go north where they are overrun by elk. I don't know if we have a local herd or not; there used to be a herd out in Skull Valley, but that was several years ago. As for cameras, I am sticking to a light-weight digital point & shoot jobbie. My late husband left me a fine collection of good cameras & great glass, but I don't want to be burdened!

quilteddogs said...

Your amazing photography has spurred me into action to research this camera. I see that Canon is coming out with an S5 in June but it is significantly more expensive than the S3. I currently have a Fuji FinePix but it is fairly dated even though it works just fine.

Granny J said...

Is the new S-5 a SLR or a point-and-shoot?
Mine is the latter; I really have to be concerned about how much weight I'm carrying and all that glass in a good SLR is too dang much for me! BTW,it's taking me forever to master even a little of this camera's features! Also BTW, you can reach me at:

grannyj at

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