Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Those Beautiful White Horses: the Lippizaners

When I saw news that the Lippizaner Stallion show was coming to town, I knew that we had to go, to indulge granddaughter's infatuation with horsies, if for no other reason. I had never seen the horses, even when in Vienna. At that time, I preferred wandering around my favorite European city by myself to see whatever happened my way.

This was also an opportunity to explore the new arena over in PV. And, it turns out, to learn a lesson or two about the convenience of ordering tickets on line. Not to mention the high price of same. Specifically, a $7 surcharge per ticket at gettickets.com. Thanks, but I'll do a will-call at the window the next time.

Inside the arena: above, boxes overlooking the shows plus flags -- the Stars & Stripes, the Arizona flag and the Maple Leaf, leaving me to wonder what's the Canadian connection. Below, a view across the way at the bright lights and advertising.

But it was horses that we came to see. Beautiful, classically trained white horses from the famous Spanish bloodline. These were the Hapsburg dynasty's mounts for several centuries.

The granddaughter is intent. Note the close-up (below) of her horsie T from the Rez, where her dad has been working recently.

Intermission: time for the vacuum (above) and for buying the inevitable merchandise (below), two DVDs and a you-were-there Tshirt.

More horses. I fear the formality and precision of the stallions may have been lost on our little one, whose experience with horses tends to be either carnival ponies or western rodeo styles. On the other hand, she should be heartened to know that half of the riders were women.

Wouldn't I love a horse like this proud animal! Members of this troupe were trained at the Florida HQ, but bought from the same Austrian stables as the Vienna Lippizaners. More recently, a few youngsters foaled here in the States began their intensive training for future shows.

Show's over.

A final view of the arena from the outside.

And a glimpse of the granddaughter's new Lippizaner Tshirt.


hermano said...

Some years ago, a horsey type built a 'facility' here replete with Lippish horses. The locale titled El Caballo Blanco--excruciatingly mis pronounced by all and sundry. We Attended once and it was ok. The joint folded after a few years though. Hermano

Anonymous said...

Great show, I'm sure. We have not had the opportunity to see them.

Granny J said...

Hey, Bro: I was actually disappointed to learn that this was pretty much an American operation -- I had always presumed that Lippizaner shows were straight out of Vienna. Too bad it didn't go over in Oz.

Steve -- why not? Aren't you next door. Or do you, too, find more interesting things to do in Vienna?

Lucy said...

Oh my, I SO wanted to see those Lippizaner horses when I was just a little bit older than your granddaughter - there was a kids' TV drama show about them called 'White Horses', dubbed I think and with a truly terrible theme song which I just adored.
She's a beautiful little girl.

Granny J said...

Lucy -- I don't know if "White Horses" was among the DVDs that my daughter bought for our delightful little one...However, whatever it is, if it's about horses, she will no doubt have it at some time.

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