Monday, May 26, 2008

I had to return home to collect tower pictures!

Isn't it curious. There I was, visiting in the South, which is country with a lot more history than the West. Well, maybe not that much more, but certainly it preceded the Civil War. Yet as I peered at the various older houses while exploring Cajun country and Memphis, I saw few towers! Even as a little girl, I wanted a tower room of my very own. Which is why my search pattern is in good working order. If there's a tower, I see it!
And so I had to return to Prescott to collect pictures of wonderful old houses with towers. Nor was this a matter of just hitting Mt. Vernon Street. Actually, the beautiful blue above and the hard to see big round corner below were the only examples from our famous street of period Victorians.

Cortez Street examples are equally cool. The blue above and the white below sit cheek by jowl just down the street from Cupper's. In the past, the blue house served as a B&B, while its handsome companion houses a business, I believe. Aren't the mullioned windows on the white building especially lovely?

Yes, there is a Victorian special on Grove Street and, below, on Marina, if I'm not mistaken.

You'll find two of the most outstanding houses with towers on Union Street, that short mid-block street climbing the hill up from the Courthouse.

Over on/near Coronado is a small cluster of old-style homes dating from the 90s. The 1990s, to be exact. They were a pet project of a contractor who had a yen to create new Victorians from the old Sears house plans he had the good luck to locate. He managed to sell seven at the Coronado site and a handful elsewhere, but unfortunately, the local market for new housing was more attuned to McMansions.

Another of the new old houses. The tower cap sits atop what we called an octagon front in Chicago. One of my friends there threatened to buy a new modern-style row house built as part of Hyde Park urban renewal; her idea was to improve it by adding an octagon front.

This particular house was built for a woman who had a fancy Georgian doll house with a central square tower. Another of the new-old structures.

Not every Victorian in town has been gentrified! I believe that this house was still renting out rooms when I took the picture a couple of years ago.

Nor is every tower sprouted from the second or third story. Sitting over on McCormick is the restored house that had belonged to a famous madam in Prescott's earlier days. As for the Leroux Street building below, my daughter-in-law's Aunt T., a delightful little woman who moved to Prescott for 2-3 years, lived briefly in a old converted apartment which included the dormer window. It was while driving the city with Patty on Thursday that I discovered gentrification was well underway. No idea whether its future is as housing or as a business location.

As a final note, this post is dedicated to Mari-Nanci who photographs the wonderful mansions in New York's fashionable Saratoga Springs. I thought she would be interested in some of our historic houses.

Linkage: If you like to eat out, you should read the current post by Lemegeton, who recently moved to town and has been sampling downtown eateries. Prescott Arts Beat is currently posting three podcasts, interviews with Tsunami-on-the-Square honchos; the event is coming very soon (June 10).


Anonymous said...

Reminds me of Germany as well as the San Francisco Bay Area.

quilteddogs said...

I think all little girls must want tower rooms...I know I did. Still do.

Granny J said...

steve -- come to think of it, The Thing in the South is columns, not towers. BTW, the 90s contractor brought up the subject of San Francisco when folks questioned the authenticity of putting garages on the 1st floor of his hill-climbing Victorians.

qd -- maybe if I had a tower room, my hair would grow thick and long! Yes, I still want one.

R said...

It wasn't the tower that did it Granny J, it was the secret formula hair tonic that only Royalty used...available only through special outlets at court. For only $19.99 you got not one, but TWO bottles.

Luv Ya,

aka MotherNiece

smilnsigh said...

LUV your towers!!! And you have plenty of them!!

Isn't it fun to find photos, on a theme? Yes it is.

And now that I'm no longer part of the CDPB, I can post more than one picture a day, if I so wish. This is nice too.... :-)


smilnsigh said...

About not seeing them in the South... I wonder... Heat rises and the South had to deal with heat. They had those lovely verandas and etc., to do so.

Bet a tower room at the top, would get way too hot to use.

So maybe, that's why you don't see them, in the South...?


Tall nephew said...

They are old-looking, Like the type you see in the 101 dalmations movies... Errm, not that I watch them or anything!

Anonymous said...

Prescott's lovely Victorians will really blossom over the July 4th holiday. Their owners pull out all the stops with the bunting, flags, and other RW&B decorations.

Hubby and I will be there for the parade and the rodeo! We'll be touring the homes to see them all "dressed up"!

~Anon in AV.

Granny J said...

Rapunzel -- come on now, without a tower, what use is a glorious head of hair, huh?

SnS -- isn't it nice to be out of that straight-jacket? Don't you think that with all those windows, a tower room would cool off? All the heat could go up into that funny little peaked top.

TN -- It's easy to view old houses with towers as eerie, suitable for a scary movie or one about dogs or a fairy tale. But in their day, they were considered pretty dang classy.

anon av -- now that's something to look forward to!

meggie said...

Wonderful photos!

Granny J said...

meggie -- glad you enjoyed them. Of course it helps to have wonderful subject matter!

Lucy said...

Lovely. I've a vague memory of an Andre Norton novel I read as a child with a house with an octagon tower.

I watch 101 Dalmatians movies...

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