Wednesday, May 07, 2008


Hi -- Mine hostess is in bed & so I can't plead with her to get a hook-up from my camera to her computer. Therefore a short post, and sweet, of course. I have many pictures for you, just waiting for that hook up:

Remnants from Hurrican Rita (a Gulf town literally wiped out, with little rebuilt since), several attempts at bird photography (large waterbirds, including a roseate spoonbill and a white ibis), oll biddiness pix (ranging from tanker trucks to heavy equipment, but no walking beams -- my memory chip was full up), Cajun agriculture pix (rice paddies and commercial crawdad ponds) and shrimp boats, seashells at the waterfront, etc.

The days have been a bit of a whirlwind, with airplanes and excursions here, there and everywhere else. Tomorrow, the Other Niece from Memphis drives me to the river-pearl works, followed by a Tennessee hoe-down. A Mississippi River stern-wheeler tour is in the offing, a quick drive-by pass at Elvis' own Graceland mansion and on Sunday, a wonderful Mother's Day dinner of pot roast plus rhubarb pie, all prepared by my grand ex-sister-in-law, at whose home I am currently boarding.

Maybe tomorrow, I can make my hook-up.

Night night.


grannyj said...

Attn, BRO: Kindly drop me an email to my usual address, so I can contact you from Memphis. Will explsin when I write. Sis

Jan said...

granny, I REALLY would like to be tagging along!

Pictures will suffice, though! ;)

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your trip.

meggie said...

Wow, sounds like the kind of trip I would love. I always used to say, the only place I wanted to visit in USA was New Orleans. Now I would go anywhere at all, haha.

grannyj said...

jan -- you will be taggng along for some time -- I've got beaucoups pixtures.

steve -- am doing just that!

meggie -- if you're not looking for the Grand Stuff, almost anyplace in the States has a flavor of its own. I am enjoying that particular buffet!

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