Thursday, May 22, 2008

Cruising South Prescott

The idea hadn't been to explore neighborhoods -- it was simply to locate the blue Victorian with a fine tower for my collection for a future post. However, friend Patty had time after our Thursday breakfast group to travel a bit. Thus, we took a hint from the RV mural above, on a very small (and local) scale. A few of our findings follow.

First, another muralesque sight, this on the north wall of the florist at Montezuma and Leroux. A real northern AZ subject, too: a mountain man up near Bill Williams Mountain (left) and the Peaks (right), even a bear in the lower right hand corner.

The old Adult Center has been thoroughly face lifted for its new role as the Boys & Girls Club. Looking at those stairs makes one wonder how our senior citizens managed all those years, though the location is certainly superior to the new center which is far from downtown or the little bus route (and an expensive taxi ride away).

This "boat" is a hard one to figure out (or to picture). We couldn't decide whether it is a trailer to be pulled in a parade of art cars or if the "bridge" actually holds a driver's compartment. In any event, it sits in a front yard, awaiting the right event.

On the other hand, the idea of a VW bug serving as a wrecker is certainly an idea whose time is ahead of us, what with soaring gasoline prices & automotive down-sizing. Another potential use is very, very Prescott: attach the hoist to a stout tree at the edge of a small canyon to lower your ride to a lower level. One way to explore the upper Verde, for example.

A surprise, really ready for gentrification, that we found at the south end of town. Somehow this property got overlooked in the midst of our recent housing boom.

This cute little playhouse matched the accompanying home in color scheme, if not in architectural style.

Quite different from most local houses was this house, shingled all over. Comfortable looking, in any event.

Perhaps the greatest experience from the hilly south end of town was the wonderful view! The Pioneers' Home above left, with Little Granite and Two Rock Mountains in the background to the right, and Granite Mountain looming over town below.

We finished our adventure near the Sal, where this willow caught the wind that presumably is bringing a storm and our snow level down to 6000 ft. tonight. In Prescott, we will always accept any moisture, with many thanks.

Linkages, Etc: Speaking of that storm, it chased the Artful RV folks out of the Nevada mountains over in the Basin & Range country. I've often wondered about what those hills were about and now I have an idea; they've got some wonderful pix, including small wildlife. If you've ever wondered about life in the G.O.D. (Good Old Days), take a look at Prescott Style's list of headlines about accidents from old Arizona newspapers. World Pictures & More captured a neat batch of bee photos the other day, while Warren down in Tucson features a picture of el hombre, a gent you wouldn't like to meet up with on any dark and stormy night.


Anonymous said...

Enjoyed the post. I imagine that those RV's are finding it a little harder to cope with the price of Gas. Here in Germany it's up to 8$ a gallon when the math is done. 50 percent of that is tax. I think 4$ would be a relief. I liked the VW wrecker concept you presented. Thanks for the mention.

TomboCheck said...

If that boat-thing is on south pleasant street, I believe it has (or had) a car living under it and was driven in a parade at some point. My sister was good friends with the kids in that house for a long time. :)

Anonymous said...

Glad to have you back Granny J. Happy Memorial Day to you!

Granny J said...

steve -- I've often seen Jeeps equipped for canyon drops, but that was the first VW done up! Always envied folks who could do that.

tombo -- thanks for the info. That makes the "boat" even more interesting.

style -- you should post more often! Glad to be home, tho my weak lungs liked the sea level or near sea level air pressures a lot better than the 5400 ft. elevation.

Artful RV Adventurer said...

Gracious, Grannyj,

Granny J said...

mark -- my punishment for years of heavy smoking!

Avus said...

Thoroughly enjoyed this tour of Prescott - I feel I am beginning to know your little town, thousands of miles away.
Liked the idea of the adult centre metamorphosing in the boys and girls club (but where do the adults go now?)
Loved the piccy of the ancient, forgotten shack - guess that's how I imagine "backwoods" America.

Granny J said...

avus -- it's a neat town & well worth knowing. As for the adults, we have a fine new adult center that, unfortunately, is an expensive cab trip away from the center of town. As for the shack, I was really quite surprised to find it about a block from a very pricey section of old Prescott (big Victorian houses & such.) BTW, I do have posts planned on some Tennessee backwoods shacks TONFM & I found on our excursion. Also a town ravaged by Hurricane Rita.

Avus said...

I look forward to seeing the Tennessee backwoods shacks (I guess I imagine them like Alvin's brother's in the film "The Straight Story". (A favourite of mine).
Shame about the long cab drive for the seniors - you folk need to get a bus service going for them.

Granny J said...

avus -- so I'll do the shacks tonight instead of the water birds! And, yes, we could use that bus line or at least a bus line extension.

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