Saturday, May 03, 2008


Quick update from OmegaMom: Granny J is in Lewzianna, being shown small Cajun towns, the Gulf of Mexico, gators, and other grand stuff. Alas, she is incommunicado, due to the fact that SS and family have only a dial-up connection, and their computer is non compos mentis at the moment. She figures to be able to get online at her next stop in Memphis amongst the Famous Nieces From Memphis. I would have updated you sooner, but had forgotten her password, and timing phone calls between Alaska and Lewzianna was difficult. Anyway, look for new posts from her perhaps on Tuesday or Wednesday!


Anonymous said...

Granny J, I eagerly await your return to an Internet connection. Can't wait to see your Cajun Country photos!!

~Anon in AV.

C. Marie Byars said...

My husband's originally from N'awlins. His poor hands dry out so much in the southwest, even after all this time! We just got back from Missouri, where we saw Mark Twain country. It was green & lovely & had no junipers with their nasty pollen. He was much better; I had an offset in improvement because of the "much mold" there. Hope your trip was splendid!

Anonymous said...

I'm pickin' her up tonight! - Famous Niece from Memphis

meggie said...

Wow, hope your trip is fabulous - I am sure it will be, as you know how to get the most out of everything.

I am going to post some photos I took in NZ of a vehicle, just for Granny J!

Anonymous said...

Oh, good! I'm now looking forward to the Cajun Country photos, AND great photos of Memphis!!


~Anon in AV.

GrannyJ said...

Hi, all -- I'm back in the virtual world, finally!!! All I have to do is figure out an alien system, how to download a few pix without tying up gigapixels, etc., etc. Maybe this afternoon or tonight or tomorrow. One of those. Thanks for bearing with me.

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