Monday, March 12, 2007

A Late Afternoon Neighborhood Walk

And the first stop is right beside my house, where the biggest of several grown-from-seed apricot trees is covered in blossoms. Unfortunately, I might as well give up all thought of fruit and welcome these early blooming trees as strictly ornamentals. Prescott has a bad habit of late, killing frosts.

Next, a quick stop at my potted garden before venturing forth. Daffodils are one of the few bulb plants guaranteed to survive hungry javelinas; the critters won't touch the poisonous tubers. After two or three frustrating years with wild tulips and hyacinths, I decided to put all my spring bulb money into daffodils!

But time to get on my way. Over at the United Methodist Church, there's spring-type construction activity at the pretty little meditation garden which I usually view from one level up.

Here's one sight in the neighborhood that I'm sure most people miss completely -- a little summer house up among the granites. It sits behind a house that, from the front, looks like any small Prescott cottage on a standard long and narrow city lot.

This afternoon I also discovered that not only do our sycamores very occasionally produce their pompoms in sets of two -- but here in threesies and foursies. This particular tree is quite young, which might explain such productivity.

I found one other fruit (or ornamental) in bloom. And it was abuzz with bees. Very good news. A couple of years ago, as I recall, our bees died from a virus. That was the year that even our scruffy little apple trees were barren.

A difficult picture to get: small tree trunks sawed into short lengths to create an attractive ground cover.

Ending my walk on a sad note: the butterfly is broken! But it might get repaired; the wing is down below sitting in a decorative cane chair.


Anonymous said...

Nice to see spring taking effect. We have a few plants starting to come up in the back yard. We are always a little late in our area. Hopefully the cold weather has passed and it will continue to warm up.

Kate said...

Very fine close-up of the apricot blossoms!

Granny J said...

Steve-- I read recently that one should do spring in europe but comeback to America for the autumn.

Kate -- thank you for the applause. Usually when I rev up to do a close-up, a breeze immediately materializes to ruin things.

Avus said...

It just shows what can be found by careful looking amongst the "commonplace". I enjoy this sort of thing - the little commonplace sights which bring out far away places from across the world. One can see pix of the "great" tourist scenes anywhere!
I like your blog - do you mind if I link to it?

angie said...

Great photos (as usual). The weather has really been gorgeous the past few days!

Granny J said...

Mr. Avus -- I would be honored and delighted to have you link to my blog. My view of the so-called ordinary is that it simply requires one to look from a different angle to change into something quite magical or frightful or ???

Miss Angie -- yes, it continues to be beautiful. But we deserve better -- snow or rain, for instance.

herhimnbryn said...

Avus has said for me!
Little hidden corners! So good to see blossom and fresh greenery. Love your 'eye' for the scenery surrounding you.

Lucy said...

A lovely post, GJ,with a medley of interesting detail, loved the blossom and dafs. Keep us posted on that meditation garden!

Granny J said...

Hi, Ms. herhimnbryn and Lucy...thank you for your kind words. This neighborhood is old and established, which means there are truly upscale places and down-at-the-heels
locations and the idiosyncracies that accumulate over time. I love it!

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