Friday, March 02, 2007

Goings on in High Places

Fall and spring bring workmen to high places in my neighborhood. For instance last fall, a roof.

And today, the sounds of multiple chain saws brought me to the window and then outdoors to watch carefully selective tree trimming.

First, in the pines -- trees that I always knew better than to try climbing, because the branches are too weak. And, of course, there were no ropes and pulleys in our garage to allow us kids to move casually around a tall conifer like this chap.

Piles of slash are another result of the trimming.

Time for the elms -- a lot easier to catch the action in deciduous trees.

Another batch of slash is accumulating on the berm. But it will be gone in a moment.

Look at that maw! Look at the dust spots on my lens. Chipping all that slash (including branches as much as 6" in diameter) does create a lot of dust.

Wow -- the machine shoots a stream of particles into the body of the landscape company's truck. Too bad that the could-be mulch will be hauled away to the landfill.


Lucy said...

This looks fun! It's exciting when things start moving like this in spring.
Thanks for coming to mine, and I like yours too. I appreciated your 'meme', particularly what you said about taking photographs sharpening up your senses; I find this too, and that in general I'm more inclined to get out and about when there's a possibility of finding something I can do something with in this way... contrary to the idea that messing about on the computer causes one to with draw from life.
I have you bookmarked and I'll come again!
( What about this post for Festival of the Trees?)

Granny J said...

Let me see! A lot of subjects in a short comment, Lucy. Yes, I am having a lot of fun doing what I do (except when I'm in my cage working on databases for $$.) I've been really bothered about the meme thing, since it is such an interesting idea as Dawkins presented it -- too bad to lose the meaning so quickly. And, I had to jump in on the particular un- meme at your blog -- the French film. Brought back many memories from long, long ago! Thank you for that reminder of my youth! And do keep returning.

herhimnbryn said...

We may be a world apart, but your images stayed with me today. Walking with the hound and there were trees being 'doctored' as we came out of the bush track. An old eucalypt had a huge vertical split in it's trunk and was lying across the road. So we waited Dog and I and watched and I thought of you, and swore outloud when I realised I had left the damn camera at home!

Granny J said...

That's a bummer. Whenever I forget my camera, it's a signal to the gods of discord to make sure that a wonderful but ephemeral shot is there for the taking.

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