Sunday, November 19, 2006

Again, Painted Walls

As readers know already, I'm quite taken by walls that are painted with more than the usual can't-see-me colors. I like R.E.D. and I go for pictures on walls. Like these below:

Location, Marler's Square -- sounds big and important but in reality, a very small strip mall over on West Sheldon. What should I spot but a low wall sporting white daisies and tropical leaves in green and R.E.D. Plus those tiki thimgamabobs (right?)

OK, that explains it -- a small restaurant shouting for attention. Hawaiian, yet. In the pricey range (for Prescott -- I know that $20 for an entree is considered "moderate family" pricing in the Big City.) But yum -- ahi tuna and similar delights. I will try it for sure one of these days.

Back to that wall: see the building across the way? It also sports pictures... no, a Big Picture. A Mural.

A closer look reveals that the current tennant is a recording studio. Wonder how long that mural will last? Consider it now saved for posterity!


Steve said...

Lots of wall painters here in Germany. Very few are legal or appreciated. The young folks, I would guess, love to paint the side of trains. I really hate that.

Granny J said...

We have a few of those, tho the city works fast to get rid of the most egregious graffiti. There are, of course, connoisseurs of the stuff and a couple of web sites where the top "artists" are featured.

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