Sunday, November 12, 2006

Visualize Radio???

Well, of course. Radio is all about visualization. Your very own visualization. Whether it's a private mental picture of that cozy little house with the stuffed closet at 79 Wistful Vista or Martians invading New Jersey or making Lake Michigan into a jello mold or following the current adventures of Guy Noir P.I., you take the clues from the sound and use your own imagination to create the picture. None of that literalism that is the sorry heritage of The Tube.

See those mikes in the picture above? Put players in front of them and anything can happen anywhere any time, no fuss, no muss. Outer space. Center of the earth. The Crucifixion. The landing at Plymouth. Whatever. Already one good reason to support Prescott's own Coyote Radio Theater.

Another good reason: an excellent haute Mexican meal (missing only mole), prepared by the chefs from The Raven. The occasion was the annual Day of the Dead Dinner Show to support Coyote Radio. You may recognize the decor -- the party was over at the Smoki Museum.

Impressario for the occasion, for the troupe, and for a possible low-power FM radio station -- Andrew Johnson-Schmit (left) here talking to photographer Bruce Colbert.

Act I: After dinner poetry by Dan Seaman. (Sorry -- I didn't get a picture of singer Pat Beary who performed a powerful Mordida or "song of the dead" for the occasion.)

All followed by radio comedy: "Apocalypse Now", "The War of the Squirrels" and "Komedy Katt". Tho the troupe is slightly costumed, they could just as well have been sitting around a table in their pyjamas or bathing suits. Radio, remember.

Major players in radio drama: the sound effects team, with their miscellany of noise making devices. (Garrison Keillor 's Prairie Home Companion has raised the sound effects man into stardom.) It was all great fun.

Oh, yes. To remember the event, there's an official T-shirt; wander over to the Coyote Radio website to find out how to order one.


Granny J said...

See the misplaced comments below at the Local Link of the Day.

Anonymous said...

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