Sunday, November 12, 2006

Local Link of the Day

I promised the cab driver that I would post this URL some time today; it is such a choice site that any local reader who doesn't visit these historic pictures of Prescott National Forest is missing Very Fascinating Material. The early White Spar Road ... building the Perkinsville to Williams road ... what the forest looked like after clear-cut logging and before the Preserve was created. Answer: very sad. (Note: the Preserve was created by Teddy Roosevelt, before the national forests were legislated.) There are 100 photos in the collection, plus links to all the national forests in Arizona.


Moristotle said...

I used to listen to baseball games on radio. Now, there seems to be an example of "visualize radio"!

Moristotle said...

Oops, I meant to put that comment (obviously) on the pertinent post! Sorry about that.

Granny J said...

When I was kid down in Jacksonville FL, we had a bush league baseball team & a splendid broadcaster who did the local games live & the out-of-town games from the ticker-tape. He managed to make those out-of-town games sound live by his style of broadcasting!

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