Sunday, November 19, 2006

Local Links of the Day

I have an affection for those old WPA guides to various states written in the 30s as make-work projects during the Depression. They are great! Specifically, on my shelves you will find both the Califoria and the Arizona volumes; they describe the world of my childhood. Both were reprinted in the aught-80s and I figured that I might just buy a couple of copies, used, from Amazon as gifts. The result was enlightening -- and scary. Let's start with California. The Amazon list for California +WPA popped up 93 titles, of which 16 were the original or reprinted WPA work. Prices started at $2.70 and ranged up to $12.00. Next, the Arizona +WPA list which Amazon put at 16 (it wasn't), with prices ranging from $7.50 up to $45.88. Oops! Is this a sign that it's time to move to Nebraska or West Virginia?

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