Monday, November 13, 2006

Streets of Confusion

How come street names are always changing in Prescott, huh? Like our most famous chameleon street, Grove-Miller Valley- Willow Creek. My presumption is that the city grew by accretion and that each of these streets was already so well established in its home turf that change would have been impossible. So we have street signs like the one above, at the corner of Gurley and Grove/Miller Valley.

OK, here's the spot where it changes -- the street bends toward the northwest right (sorry, left) at the Lincoln Street crossing (above.) The next change occurs up at Formerly Five Points, where Iron Springs Road takes off northwest and Miller Valley segues into Willow Creek. Too much dangerous traffic to try to document that switch!

Here's the other favorite point of changing streets. Right at the Fry's corner on Miller Valley where Fair turns into Hillside and vice-versa. A street map certainly helps when you're trying to navigate our fair city!


Linda G. said...

Have you taken Country Park from Willow creek to Williamson Valley Rd? It starts out Country Park, turns a corner to become Robbie Lane for a couple of blocks, another corner and it's Pine Cove Road, around another bend it becomes Sylvan Drive finally wending it's way to Williamson Valley Rd.

Thanks, G.J. for stimulating my interest in many things that otherwise, I might not even notice. And all the links are great. You make every day an adventure!

Granny J said...

Years ago, Andy & I did take Country Park; it was a grand ride at the time. No doubt, it's been highly populated in the meantime. Too bad!

And thanks for those good words, Linda. When I started out, I made a list of topics & worried that I'd quickly run out of things to talk about. To my surprise, the more I go out there walking, the more I see. It's great fun ... so far.

Steve said...

Signs can be confusing. I once kept going around a block in circles. Always following the one way sign. That is, until I woke up and saw a street going right without a one way sign on it. I felt dumb, and know you know.

Granny J said...

Hi Steve -- You're back from blogvivion. Good to have you with us! I still haven't got the courage to make the switch to Beta. I'm waiting for my daughter (OmegaMom) to come hold my hand. It's nice to have an IT offspring!

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