Thursday, November 02, 2006

Hand Me Down My Walking Stick

People who know me -- and people who see me out walking often -- include my walking stick in their mental picture. Years ago, when my husband and I tackled steep hillsides and even small canyons, I learned the advantages of a third "foot" in preventing spills and squeaking past scary footing.

But I have a problem. When I walk downtown, running various errands, it's easy to misplace my beloved, lightweight, expensive pointy-tipped staff. Every time this has happened, I've recovered the stick. Except the last time. It's gone.

So I had to quickly come up with a new stick. Not a cane, mind you, but a tall hiking staff. Aha! Look in the basement. My husband had an inexpensive alternative to my pricey black stick: either one of a pair of ski poles he bought at a late lamented second hand shop for a couple of bucks.

Never one to worry about appearances, he left whichever pole he used in its original configuration, complete to the dingus at the bottom, which has something to do with staying atop snow, I presume.

Not me. I'm a city walker these days -- appearances count. I used my fine new clippers to trim it off.

Turned out that the leather strap was weak, as well, so I added this fine red replacement. Test drove the walking stick this afternoon and all's A-OK, though I think a spray can of black paint is in order. And I wouldn't mind a slightly pointier tip.

If you want a similar walking stick, go to the back room of the Salvation Army thrift shop and rummage through the box of ski cast-offs. I see a couple of candidates right there in that picture I took last week.


Kate said...

Oh, no! Your splendid walking stick! Any ideas where you might have left it?

Anonymous said...

Hope your run across it.

Granny J said...

Yes, Kate -- I'm sure I left it at the drug store when I was picking up meds -- and take-out Thaia cross the way. I checked the pharm & no stick! Maybe -- just a slight maybe at the Thai take-out.

k said...

I'm sorry about your walking stick. That can be a big loss.

But I love your Alternative Use!

Granny J said...

It'll be even better once I get the black spray paint!

Lane said...

Well, let me expand my belief system to holding that if the spirit of a tree can transfer to another tree (see comment above) then maybe the spirit of a walking stick can do the same.

By the way, I have a male friend, unlucky in love (tends to get stepped on) who returned from an intensive 'mens-work' weekend event with a tall manly-man walking stick complete with a top decoration of a tube sock stuffed with two tennis balls, symbolizing him taking back his...manly parts!

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