Saturday, November 18, 2006

Come Away With Me In My Merry...Buick?

A vehicle that predated me by a good decade or more disappeared up the hill on a little road. Knowing the road deadended, I dashed back. A photo op, maybe. Yep. And then some. The shiny antique car was headed back downhill. And it was R.E.D. at that.

The driver turned left and parked in the midst of a couple of trucks.

He was joined by the resident who took a picture of the innards after the driver lifted the hood.

After which the vehicle operator drove away and I continued on my walk.

Note that this venerable car does not have those silly wee wheels that are all the rage on most restorations nowadays. Can anyone explain why antique car buffs do all that work and then ruin their product with undersized wheels that do not match the lines and proportions of the original??? It's weird.


Anonymous said...

You should have interviewed the driver to ascertain the age and history of the vehicle--its self a dandy. Call yourself a journo!!

PS good snaps

Granny J said...

Not a journo these days. I'm trying to be unobtrusive & just record what I see and find that is interesting! (Actually,I'm pretty certain it's a Buick because I overheard a reference to same. The chap wanted a pic for his son who is restoring a Buick. So I assume that this lovely was same.)

k said...


And most very definitely red. Red red red. Lovely shade of red.


Granny J said...

I would have photographed it even had it been robin's egg blue or mustard colored. Twas a splendid figure of a car!

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