Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Nostalgia by Mail

No, I'm not taking money to blog about someone's biz. Fact is, it's very cold up here in the mountains tonight. I want to curl up in a pile of warm fuzzies as fast as possible. Aha! How about a post about what Mom/ Greatgrandma is getting her smallest great granddaughter for Christmas. See, Mom got this catalog -- and there was a Raggedy Ann (and Andy) on the cover and she remembered my own Raggedy Ann from oh so long ago and decided the little one should also have a similar doll.

That's where this started. But if you've never browsed the Vermont Country Store, you've got a treat coming. On the one hand, expensive candies from Europe (including Mozart chocolates like I always found in my room at the Intercont in Vienna); on the other hand, night shirts, yet, and Restless Legs Cream. Snuggies, long johns (in silk, too), chenille bedspreads. Bay rum and badger shaving brushes for the gents. Evening in Paris perfume and imported English tea pots for the ladies.

If these don't push your nostalgia buttons, I've no idea just what will! Try visiting the Vermont Country Store web site for a real G.O.D. (Good Old Days) fix. Me, I'm about to curl up in the middle of a bunch of warm fuzzies!


Anonymous said...

An interesting catalogue, true; however the spirit of the yankee trader abounds if one puruses the prices that that are charged for genuine lifebouy soap, walnutos(sp)and other goodies of the past.


Granny J said...

Hey, bro -- those are gen-you-wine Collectibles & priced accordingly. PS: the warm fuzzies & the comforter were cozy enough I really, truly didn't want to leave my bed this A.M. So we got extra- cold,but no moisture. So much for the new el nino.

Steve said...

My Grandmother made us grandkids, monkey dolls out of socks. I still have one in a box somewhere.

Granny J said...

Mom, ever the seamstress, used to make me animals and such that matched the prints in the dresses she made for me.

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