Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Y Kids Trick or Treat Las Fuentes Elders

Whoever gets the credit, the idea was an absolute winner. To wit: invite the Y to send its after- school-program kids over to Las Fuentes for a major trick-or-treat Halloween afternoon. In the assisted living section, folks waited for their young visitors (above), with treats provided by management.

Soon the witches, princesses, pirates, devils and costumed what-have-you began pouring through the door, having already collected treats from independent living elders.

In no time, the kids outnumbered the delighted residents. Then they left -- and it was another hour before Halloween, Act II.

Despite the modern trend for adults to dress up for Halloween, it was primarily staff who donned costumes for the afternoon and evening among the assisted living seniors ...

...although this scooter-bound resident became a pirate for the evening party.

Featured guests at the after-dinner event were the children of staff -- starting at a very early age.

It was time for more trick-or- treats (though I've seldom heard of a trick happening in recent years -- except by mean-spirited adults spiking the "treats" they pass out.)

The smile on this woman's face (below) sums up the response of the residents to the invigorating presence of all those little guys among the grey heads. Note to management: do it again -- and often!


coyoteradiotheater said...

Hi Julie,

I'm down in Tucson this week on business and it did my heart good to see this post from you!

One of the gentlemen my company takes care of is spending sometime over at Las Fuentes so I had a warm thought thinking about kids visiting him.

Thanks for your cyber-neighboring visits every day. I sure appreciate waking up to them in the morning as I do my "blog crawl."

Hermano said...

The 'pirate' chappie wears a magnificent set of braces (galusus) constructed of leather. No lost trousers for this bloke!

Anonymous said...

Now this is what I call doing something super for Halloween. Wish I could have been there to see their faces. Great Post.

Anonymous said...

It is a joy to read your blog! I found it via a link from another comment in MedPundit, a link I have in My Yahoo!

I'm adding your blog in my desktop fav's.

Take care, and keep walkin! *smiles* from SunnyLane of Tropical Times.

Granny J said...

Good to hear from all you folks! That was a very happy party day. And a hearty welcome to SunnyLane!

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