Friday, November 03, 2006

Local Links of the Day

A couple for this weekend! First there's the Smithsonian Culturefest, which was suddenly sprung on us with very short notice. Too bad, because lots of interesting things are going on, from cowboy art and music to modern art at several galleries. Besides, three local museums are offering freebies Satuday and Sunday!

Item # 2: rivers star in a film festival at the Elks Opera House on Saturday afternoon or evening (pick your hours). Courtesy of Prescott Creeks, the films include the final version of the new documentary about the restoration of Fossil Creek. What really caught my attention, however, was a movie about Florida's St. John's River, which takes me back to my childhood in Jacksonville, a city on that river. Coming from the dry west, I was dumbfounded by my first sight of a river more than a mile wide -- and all water, from bank to bank! Our first house there was on McGirt's Creek, a tributary a good 1/4 mile wide, where we had a short pier and a row boat; my big lesson was that the St. John's ran a strong tide twice a day. Oops!

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