Saturday, November 11, 2006

Yesterday's Bikes

Being as how Prescott is a beautiful little mountain city, it follows that there might be some interesting highways to reach it. And indeed there are. In particular, there's the White Spar (named after either a mine way outback or a great big white quartz outcropping on a mountainside in the Prietas.) Our visitors tried counting the turns in the 12 mile stretch coming into town one time. Two hundred & thirty. I don't remember if that counted those U's going in and out of big folds in the mountain as one or two curves. Anyhow, you can imagine how such a road would appeal to bikers. We get a lot of them.

Not to mention those who live here. This fine chrome was parked over at Hastings. Is the owner in for video, book or game?

Also at Hastings, this brushed metal model. I trust that the owner is named Buren or Dyke or Halen or Helsing. Otherwise, he/she is parked where he/she doesn't belong.

Speaking of what belongs where and to whom, I saw this many-speed real bike for sale over by Albertson's. The signs pleaded for money so a vet could go home. Then I saw the putative vet. I wonder where he ripped off this set of wheels.


coyoteradiotheater said...

HI Julie,

That hike up to White Spar Rock is one of my favorites here in Prescott. Near at hand, 30 minutes each may in afast hike, incredible view and its like you're on a mountain island with all that white, gold-veined and lichen filligred quartz rock with gnarled trees.


Granny J said...

When we first moved to these parts, we lived the other side of the hills and had to take either the White Spar or go thru Skull Valley to get to Prescott. Either way was a wonderful ride, but I especially liked that moment when we hit the first Ponderosas & caught that sort of orange-y whiff. Now that I live in Prescott, I never notice the smell of the pines. Too bad.

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