Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Scenes from the Alley 3: A Public Place for Poetry

As you turn from Gurley north into the alley heading to Prescott College's Crossroads Center, take a quick look to your left. That's where Dan Seaman posts his poetry and sometimes parks his Jeep.

Dan is a very public poet, active in performance and at slams. You can find out a lot more about all this at the site of Prescott Area Poets Association. If you're a poet, you might also investigate the group, Professional Writers of Prescott.

Good writing!


catalyst said...

Dan is one of several siblings...all of whom are quite remarkable.

Granny J - I find your blog very interesting. Keep up the good work and photography.

Granny J said...

Is he any relation to Drake Seaman, the painter who lives(d) up in
Williams? I know there's also bro George, a local photographer. And thanks for the kind words. I am still learning to use the little point & shoot digital box.

catalyst said...

There is a brother who is a photographer but it's not George. George is a nurse and a gadfly at city council meetings.

coyoteradiotheater said...

Y'allare thinking of John, the photographer brother. He IS pretty amazing. Makes you wonder what kind of upbringing leads to three such talented and community-supportive siblings.

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