Thursday, June 22, 2006

Weather Update

Following yesterday's rather sketchy discussion of local summer weather, I checked with friend Dan and got this intell: "Last year we received 64 mm (2.52") on 23 Jun. Total for the month of July was 56 mm (2.2"). It didn't rain until the 18th of July; it was 3 weeks before the start of July rains."

Because of the wildly varying climates in the Prescott area, I should note that the above numbers are for a location out Iron Springs Rd.

And add that there's a good source for up-to-the-minute weather data from eight personal weather stations, from Humbolt to Groom Creek, Williamson Valley to Chino and Thumb Butte, at the bottom of this Weather Underground page. We can probably credit this cornucopia of detail to the fact that Embry Riddle has a meteorology department. Contact them for a big batch of weather links.

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