Sunday, June 18, 2006

Faux Boulders

A couple of weeks ago, I commented on the extensive use of stones in old Prescott landscaping and building. But I wasn't expecting to see these "boulders", straight from the factory floor and now in place at a local construction site. Note especially the little access panel at the bottom of this "rock." One wonders just what might be hidden inside.

And here are four of the mystery units, lined up -- and, I presume, a permanent fixture of the modern landscape. But I do wonder how well the plastic will hold up under the brutal ultra-violet the sun delivers at these elevations. Colors fade, surfaces abrade and pretty soon you've got some pretty tacky looking "boulders."

On the other hand, it occured to me that they just might conceal new, hi-tech gas meters meant to be read by radio waves rather than the eyeball. In which case, I should really be less snarky -- those pipe meter droids all over the front yards in the city are not my favorite sight.

The picture below demonstrates a much more organic approach to un-rocks. This fence is made of straw bales, plastered and then painted to match the trim on the house--sort of a purple mountain majesty color.

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k said...

i LOVE this!

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