Monday, June 26, 2006

Scenes from the Alley 5: Wayside Tea Table?

Or, perhaps, beer. Or, more likely, one of those isotonic drinks. Whatever.

I guess that it won't be needed today, what with the smokey cloud cover. But any time during the past hot week, I would have been happy to come across this comfy, shady spot while out walking. (Which I don't do during the heat of the day, thank you!)

Furthermore, it's just two and a half blocks from the Square. And it borders Granite Creek.

My guess is that this oasis was created by the people over at the Quixote car repair place on the alley which leads up to the Sam Hill Warehouse. They have more of the ubiquitous white plastic chairs across the way, but in the sun. Plopping into one of those chairs wouldn't be as comfortably anonymous as sitting by the creekside!

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