Thursday, June 08, 2006

More Outdoor Links

A short post tonight to note that I've added several links to outdoor activities in the Prescott area. Most are to organizations, such as the Prescott Audubon Society ("birding") or the Prescott Outings or Hiking Clubs. One thing you can count on -- if an club or organization is mentioned, it includes hikes and field trips among its activities.

You can sign up for archeological digs...bird counts... or learn to live off the land (if leanly) from Prescott's own aboriginal man, Cody Lundeen. He's the fellow you might see in the cold of winter walking around in his bare feet!

In this drought year, don't overlook the link, "fire alert". It will take you to the official inter-agency site where the latest info on local fires, including the forest, is posted.

And by all means, link to those trail maps. They are actual USGS topos with trails overlaid and checked out on the ground by Derek Brownlee.


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