Monday, October 09, 2006

Landscaped Walls

Isn't that garage just great? Very Alpine. Especially such details as the painted-on shovel and rakes. And a window box, yet. You can see this scene as you drive (slowly) out Thumb Butte Road, by the way.

Here's a much simpler approach to landscaping one's walls -- the sunflowers cheer up an alley dwelling north of Gurley Street.

These painted walls made perfect sense for the floral business over on Marina. The florist has since moved to new quarters, but the elaborate decorations remain ...

wrapping around the side of the building where it can be difficult to separate the painted plants from those that have taken root. I suspect that there may be more man-mades hiding behind the weeds! One of these days a different type of business will move in and no doubt the painted landscaping will be gone forever.

There's yet another downtown business -- The Office on Cortez -- that has landscaped its facade. Just to be querulous, I do wonder how come desert plants.


coyoteradiotheater said...

I used to know someone who lived in the house with the decorated garage in your first picture.

I remember being just a little jealous of her - having something like that just outside your door to inspire a smile on a cold, dark morning.

Isn't it funny what can make you jealous?

What a silly person I am.

Granny J said...

Fie! I think it's perfectly understandable that one might be jealous of somebody with such a nice paint job. Be kind to yourself and just say that you lusted after the garage.

Paul said...

I thought I saw you in the alley the other day. I'm glad you like the sunflowers. I friend of mine painted them to offset the riff-raff element that comes and goes from the apartments across the street. Well you said in a previous post that you wanted to meet other bloggers in Prescott, I guess photographing their home is a start. It's a pleasure meeting you Granny J.

Granny J said...


Lane said...

Love the shots! I remember the trip when they were taken. I think I could lust after the garage...and be proud of it!

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