Friday, October 06, 2006

Googling GrannyJ!

Really! The blog is being read by people who were sent here by The Google. It makes me feel like I've made the Big Time. On the other hand, there are the queries that land people here. Some are spot on, some are pretty strange.

For instance, one person was seeking Aspen creek train prescott AZ -- I presume the "train" was a typo for trail --and that the person found the link to the trail maps at right. Another wanted bumper crop of wild mushrooms rice county. Don't even know where Rice county is, tho I had a mushroom post about Yavapai county!

The periodic searches for Miss Kitty's cat house make sense, but I really wonder about those folks out there asking about angry cats. (Yes, I did do a post about snarling felines.) The search yielded 7,550,000 hits for angry and/or cats -- limiting the search with quote marks, i.e., "angry cats" cut the haul down to a mere 31,200. But I am still very, very curious about people's interest in the subject of angry cats -- this is a surprisingly regular draw!

Someone else was looking for Cut-Rite wax paper images and another, Kiss Me Kate AZ; I'll admit to having written about Cut-Rite and about Shakespeare's comly shrew. And I was really pleased that yet another person went looking for biker robot -- one of my favorite posts from early days of this blog.

Nevertheless, it is surprising that very few people know -- or perhaps bother -- to limit their searches using quote ("") marks around an exact phrase or + or - to insist upon hits that include/ exclude specific words. It would save a lot of wear and tear on The Google's servers. On the other hand, I certainly welcome every one of these explorers and hope that they become regulars!

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