Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Biker Robot

Nothing neater than walking along and suddenly catching sight of a 10-foot-tall chrome-plated fellow. He stands down at the lower end of Granite St., guarding or more likely welcoming folk to the Electric Hog. Which is where they do custom things to one's Harley. Of course.

I was taking the long way to the Phippen show on the Plaza Monday when I happened across him. I'm more smitten by this gaudy character than by any of the incredible number of bronzes of horses & more horses I saw on the Square later in the day.

Do take a look (below) at his special features. For example, the hair-do is grand. The ears? Well, his creator might have used small dish antennas instead. At the bottom of the picture, you can see either A) his abs & insides (including a loudspeaker for belching) or B) his privates. I haven't figured out which. But the finishing touch is my favorite -- the rear view mirror welded to one arm.

Anybody out there know his name? If so, drop a note in the comment box below. Otherwise, he remains some version of "Hey! You!" He deserves better.

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