Saturday, May 27, 2006

The Pleasures of Strolling

If you are as old as I am...and if you couldn't Power Walk if your life depended upon it (even going downhill)...then it's time for a daily stroll. Keep your eyes open for those small surprises that make a city far superior to any gated suburb for walking.

City neighborhoods have usually been around for a while, have aged pleasantly and show their eras' and their residents' individuality. F'rinstance, I walked maybe a half mile out and back today; here are just a few of the items I found:

A classic flamingo pair...

A collectible diesel truck

A face on a tree trunk

A teacup and saucer sitting on a pole

Oh, yes, I also saw a pair of bluebirds up in an Emery oak, eating the berries of the mistletoe that is gradually strangling the life "blood" of the tree. I don't often see bluebirds -- once in awhile near a creek. Try the Park
Ave. crossing of Aspen Creek near Copper Basin Rd.

The first time my daughter, thoroughly adult and raised in the big city, saw a Western bluebird, she was amazed. "I always thought that bluebirds were something you only read about in fairy tales."

A fine walk -- as always.


Anonymous said...

How fun to see the small details in my own neighborhood. I look forward to future posts. Good Job!

Miss Cellania said...

Great photos! This is WAY more interesting than any stroll around MY neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

Loved your blog! Keep it up!

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