Monday, October 02, 2006

Link of the Day

One of my daily visits is to BoingBoing. The little icon of a farm boy bouncing on his pogo stick symbolizes a big (I mean, really, really B*I*G) blog of "wonderful things" (meaning quirky) on the web. A birthday cake with a gun on top. Easter eggs hand decorated in the style of the World of Warcraft. Recipes for food that can be made from ingredients in a McDonald's kitchen. Lots of strange stuff, some techie posts, plus a certain amount of left-libertarian politics. It's great fun, but does eat up time, so be prepared.


Christine said...

Imagine my Surprise to come across your blog. It is ceartainly a very small world. My grandparents have lived in Prescott for the last 12 yrs, but the amazing thing is you might know my mother. She used to be the front receptionist at Las Fuentes, alomost 3yrs. ago. Linda R., she married and moved down to the Valley to live closer to us, but all of the residents ( she must have known every single one of them) gave her the most memorable Going Away Party. She really misses all of them!
Again it was really nice to come across your blog.

Granny J said...

Hi Linda!
More coincidences re: Las Fuentes ... Mom discovered that there was another resident who was born in the same house as she -- just one generation later -- down in Phoenix at Central and Osborn Rds. They had a great time comparing notes about neighbors.

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