Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Mt. Vernon It Ain't, But...

For readers who don't live in Prescott, that heading doesn't make much sense. Explanation: Mt. Vernon Street is a lovely avenue of old Victorians houses, whose residents go all-out -- I mean all-out all-out -- for Halloween. People drive up from Phoenix with their kids for trick-or-treating on Mt. Vernon. Especially the treating part. My gossip says that the official promoters of Prescott tourism chip in on the high price of treats, the very unofficial occasion is so popular.

No, I'm just taking you on a quick tour in my end of town to help get you revved up for All Hallow's Eve. A good starting point: the costume shop over on Miller Valley. This is one time that catching the reflections in the show window added to rather than subtracted from the effect!

This elegant Victorian manages to look elegant decorated in matching spider webs and ghosts.

Most of the decorations I saw yesterday were rather modest, such as a pumpkin and a witch. According to a report from the Natl. Retailers Association, Americans spend several $ billion on Halloween decor and it's the biggest single event of the year for the candy makers. No surprise, that.

More other-worldly creatures...

And a big boost for the makers of white plastic garbage bags, which I saw transformed into ghosts in a number of neighborhood trees.

What kind of a dispenser is used for all those spider webs?
My favorite holiday house, which is decorated -- and lit up -- for almost every holiday imaginable. Even St. Pat's and St. Valentine's.

End of brief tour -- I have to get back to finishing Mom's costume for the party this evening!


Loretta said...

Having recently moved to Prescott, I wanted you to know how much I enjoy reading "Walking Prescott" every day. We also are from Chicago originally, with a 29 yr. stopover in California. As a matter of fact your daughter, Omegamom, and my daughter in law, All Hail Suburbia, are friends. Please keep walking and taking those wonderful photos.

Granny J said...

Thank you for the good words! I'll keep at it as long as I am able! Curious - I did a twist on your history. I was born in California, spent most of my working life in Chicago prior to moving to Prescott. Love them both.

Anonymous said...

That's what I call getting into the spirit. On my block, I was the only house with a simple pumpkin. Up the road aways were a few more.

Granny J said...

Speaking of the spirit -- what we noticed when we first moved out here in the early 80s was the number of adults who go to work at the bank or the MD's office dressed in Halloween costume. Not at all like that back in Chicago.

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