Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Real Soon Now

Some things around Prescott seem to take as long (or longer) than repairing Iron Springs Road. It was more than six weeks ago that the former health foods store at Park Plaza on Goodwin Street was being gutted to make way for a new Mexican food mart. I'm still waiting.

On the other hand, the "open" sign is still not posted at the new restaurant on Miller Valley Road, tho we now know its name. It's been how many months? The affiliated Mudd Hole coffee stand got a quick make-over to match and is already up and running.


coyoteradiotheater said...

lol, there's some "News You Can Use!"

Granny J stalks the status on those sloooooowy Grand Openings so you don't have to.

Thanks, J!

Anonymous said...

Nice photos and the stories work nice. Are you using a digital or film camera?

Granny J said...

Coyote crowd --I can't promise that I'll be on hand when these places open! That's up to you!! Assuming that they do actually open, that is...

And, Steve, I have to admit that I am using a little Sony Cybershot digital point- and-shoot box. It is wonderously cheap, I get instant gratification & have piled up over 3000 pix since I started using it last spring. Thanks for your nice words. and let me know how the story turns out.

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