Friday, October 20, 2006

Banners & Flags: Color For Every Occasion

The idea probably originated with the peace movement of the 60s and 70s: "why not an anti- nationalistic flag." Like everything else from that period, colorful flags and banners celebrating, well, whatever, have been co-opted by the general culture and you find them here, there and elsewhere.

There's one house near Park Avenue that flies a flag for each season of the year. Currently, of course, a monster suitable for Halloween, a universal for autumn.

In keeping with its cottage look, this nearby home welcomes visitors with old-fashioned apples.

Here's a barn, plus a patriotic touch...

...while this house with a landscaped wall features a robin on its banner.

Businesses, too, fly these flags with light-hearted themes in company with the American colors. Here at the stamping craft shop on west Gurley Street...

...and over on Miller Valley at the sunglass emporium.

JBs hangs a couple with seasonal themes on the inside of the restaurant. This one shouts "Thanksgiving".

And, not to be outdone, the city has its own standard decorating light poles downtown. I believe there are at least two other designs, one featuring the "Christmas city" logo.

Note: Already I'm out of date! The Christmas City banners are already up. And Halloween hasn't even happened yet.


Anonymous said...

Nice pictures. Always good to see folks fly their favorite colors.

Granny J said...

I'm into strong, bright colors -- would make and fly my own flag, but I really don't have an easy way to mount the dang thing.

Sean Carter said...

Banners are truly an unique way of expression...and it does catch the eye everytime. Well for many such unique ideas on Thanksgiving visit this Thanksgiving Blog and find out all the cool ideas and info its got.

Granny J said...

Sean not only has a blog dedicated to Thanksgiving, but another for Halloween and yet another about Christmas. I am reminded of a neighbor who has an elaborate set of decorations for nearly every holiday. Even lights for Valentines Day and St. Pat's. Great fun.

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