Sunday, October 29, 2006

Local Links of the Day

Print media, particularly newspapers, are hurting, thanks to the Internet. The obvious answer: go online. The local Courier is doing just that; in addition to the paper's regular website, a new team has been hired to put the actual paper plus possible new features online (free to present subscribers, but for a price to non-subscribers.) I have found the Arizona Republic website useful at times, with lots of good stuff, including the paper's own batch of bloggers. For the record, Flagstaff's daily offers an extensive web site with interesting links. Getting back to the local scene, the little monthly Monsoon arts and entertainment magazine may be downloaded in its entirety to read on the screen here.


Anonymous said...

More and more papers are going the route of the internet. It's the times we live in.

Granny J said...

Despite my words, I am a diehard newsprint person. My very first "career" job was as a copy boy on the old Chicago Sun & I feel mentally naked if I haven't read a newspaper every day.

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