Sunday, October 22, 2006

Local Link of the Day

I usually consider Sedona chi-chi a bit over the top and vortexes leave me pretty damned cold. On the other hand, I was enchanted with Chicago's recent cow sculpture episode. Now that Sedona has done something similar, I can only applaud -- and wonder that Prescott didn't do it first. The subject is the javelina. Fifty sets of raw javelina forms were passed out to local artists to decorate; now the results are standing in front of businesses throughout the city. More info here.


k said...

We had a similar episode with pink flamingoes a couple years back. It was a fund-raiser. Funds were raised, and it was fun as all get-out.

Granny J said...

Speaking of flamingos -- my bro and his 2nd family live DownUnder -- apparently when kids reach 21, it's time to be flamingo-ed. I even did a post about it a while back.

kate said...

I'm disappointed that my uncle (a Sedona artist) didn't do one!

k said...

Oh, I remember your flamingo post very well! I think I left a comment on it too - TRIED, I mean; I was having a spate of *k's computer eats her comments* at the time.

My neighbor across the street and down one just got himself a fine pink flamingo. Everyone's jealous. Me included.

Granny J said...

M'gosh Kate, you've got relatives all around these parts!

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