Friday, October 06, 2006

Link of the Day

Event planning hereabouts was very bad last weekend. On Saturday, one had to choose between the airshow, the first Yavapai Cattlemen's barbecue/ cattle auction to be held in Prescott, and the grand opening of our updated library. Readers know that I opted for the airshow. However, today I discovered a Prescott blog new to me. What's more, Chickenbells, the author, did take a look (a critical one) at the new old library. She reports on changes, good and not-so-good at Foolsewoode. Take a look -- and read her other posts as well.

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Andrew Johnson-Schmit said...

They got rid of a 3rd of the book collection?! Just the children's books or across the board?

I wonder what glorious plan this a part of.

Room to grow a new collection in?

I've got to say, as an avid reader its a little creepy.

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