Thursday, October 26, 2006

Plants for Planting

It has decided to get chilly, being autumn and all that. A good time for planting plants, in my books. So I have these two problem children. #1, the two small Arizona cypress seedlings in the black pots above. I haven't really decided where they want to grow. The son-in-law said not to worry too much about overhead power lines at one spot I picked out -- any problem is years away, he said; I had to agree secretly -- I surely won't be around for the day of reckoning. On the other hand, I tried digging a hole at another selected spot up the hill yesterday and quickly wore down, hitting decayed granite all too soon. Don't know if a little tree will survive the challenge to its roots. Don't know if I can dig much deeper. One other, easier location is too near a hog wallow that has recently become active -- a pair of javelina appear to have moved in! They just look at me, wiggle their snouts and cuddle a little closer. Besides, it is too dang chilly to work outdoors this week.

Then there's my claret cup cactus that's waiting to go into the ground. And it's a beauty -- at least six stems! The problem is I can't figure out just where it wants to spend its life.

I guess the real problem is that I am dithering -- and it's just too warm and cozy inside.


Anonymous said...

We have had an unusally warm October for Germany. Kind of hard for me to think of Arizona being colder, but things are changing. Would love to see a few pictures of the Javalins.

Lane said...

We have had a very wet last week in the Midsouth (of US of A) or so, which makes me want to think about, possibly considering, seriously pondering, the opportunity to maybe, address the quandry about doing something constructive in the far, I told hubby to mow right up to the bushes. I think that counts!

Granny J said...

Actually, we've gotten warmer in winter. Don't forget, I'm up in the mountains at 5400 ft elevation! People tend to forget that a lot of Arizona is different from Phoenix (known in this household as the "Valley of Death"). For example, going to the Grand Canyon? Don't forget your woolies -- it's 7000 ft. at the South Rim and 9000 ft. at the North Rim! I tried to get pix of the javelinas the other day but the guys just sauntered off. However, a friend feeds them & got a picture which I posted here

Granny J said...

Hey -- welcome back, Lane!

Anonymous said...

Nice pictures. We have wild boars. The get quite large and when they have young, can be aggressive. Was fishing one day and had to jump into the car and wait a half hour until the family of boars moved on.

Granny J said...

I've heard similar tales from local woodsmen about being cornered on the top of a car by a troop of javelina. Our experience is that they usually saunter away if people show up, leaving behind a lookout who tries to stare down the people while his fellows get away. But be careful of mothers with young!

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