Saturday, October 28, 2006

Link of the Day

Beth at Firefly Forest has the perfect post for the Halloween season. A superb nature photographer, she has posted a sequence of pictures of bats enjoying the nectar of her hummingbird feeders at night, when the feisty little birds are not around. If the page I have linked is not the right one when you get there, go back one or two more pages. You might also look for her post on planting penstemon; most of her Tucson species are also found in the Prescott area.


Anonymous said...

The pictures of the bats were super. almost made me want to go back to a film camera...almost.

Granny J said...

Almost! I think about the weight. For years, I was the camel who toted the heavy-duty, low vibration tripod for the husband, who ruined his back carrying a heavy gadget back on one shoulder! Was even worse with the video camera!

My long-focus -lens envy comes smack dab against the weight of that glass and the necessity of a tripod. At which point, I give up on those great close-up possibilities.

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